A Demanet suit is Manufactured exclusively in Spain and nowhere else. A bite-suit is a very technical product to be entrusted to highly skilled workers and processes. Even if some people distribute DEMANET they will never know the process of manufacturing. A salesman is neither a technician, nor a designer.

The fabric (60 % cotton, 40 % polyamide) was finalized and worked out by myself, from thread to weaving,
and cannot be compared with another one in the market. A Demanet is uncomparable!
In terms of quality, this “equipment of protection” (E.P.I) was submitted to proofing tests by a certified French textile laboratory. The DEMANET bite-suit was recognized and corresponds to all requirements and we received an official CE certificate.

All assertions that circulate around that claim a ìa perfect copy of a Demanet bite-suitî are lies. A Demanet suit is only made by Demanet and is never duplicated. My name and my know-how has been honorably  recognized in Europe, United States and all over the world for more than twenty years.

Do not be fooled into a cheap suit that claims to copy a Demanet. They are infringements of the Demanet  trade mark and lack the innovations that only an original Demanet can offer.

To verify the authenticity and the origin of the bought product, we recommend the buyer contacting me directly  by e-mail : info@demanet-international.com